Medical supplies and products

Medical supplies and products are items used in a healthcare facility or home for medical purposes. Medical can be grouped into consumable or non-consumable items. Most consumables are medically prescribed by a professional such as a doctor or pharmacist. However, irrespective of whether or not they are prescribed, such medical supplies are used for curative, prosthetic, or medical maintenance purposes.

In a hospital setting, medical supplies may mean medical or surgical items used to aid in treating or diagnosing illness or injuries. Most surgical supplies are disposable and can only be used on or by one patient. They include syringes, gloves, and face masks. Surgical equipment is also categorized as medical supplies. However, they are durable and can serve multiple patients.

Medical devices are also part of medical supplies and products. They are intended for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes and are based on mechanical, electrical, or engineering innovations. With the radical growth of technology, medical devices continue to incorporate software and computerization. Medical devices are further divided into in vitro diagnostic devices. They are mainly intended for diagnostic use, and their use is not dependent on the user’s skill. In vitro devices include Hepatitis and HIV tests, Coagulation test systems, Urine test strips, and many more.

The government regulates medical devices and supplies through their various Ministries or departments of health. Medical devices cannot be released until tested, cleared, and certified by a regulatory body. All countries have different laws, regulations, and criteria for ensuring whatever is released into the market is safe and effective while at the same time supporting innovations in the medical industry.

Medical Institutions also have to be licensed every occasionally and granted permission to purchase specific medical supplies and products. All these measures are necessary for ensuring that the quality of these items is not dangerous to the patients and the environment. Therefore, aside from the regulation of use, the bodies assigned also ensure that use items are disposed of appropriately.


Medical Products